Wigs – Human or Synthetic?

So, you are looking to find a great wig but are torn between choosing human hair or synthetic fiber. Which one is better? Well, here is the low-down on your options:

Human Hair Wigs – Human hair wigs tend to be more expensive, obviously, however they do have their benefits. PROS: You can wash them, use heated appliances, and dye or bleach them as you would your natural hair. In addition, they tend to look more natural, especially in the sun because the hair tends to reflect light the same as your natural hair. Human hair wigs also tend to last longer, depending on the quality of the hair. CONS: If the quality of hair is not good, the hair tends to mat and tangle.

Synthetic Wigs- PROS: Synthetic wigs are cheaper than human hair wigs and are great for styled looks. The synthetic fiber tends to hold curls and styles much better than human hair which make them rather low maintenance. Synthetic wigs can always be reset (with rollers) to create a new look or add new life to a worn wig. CONS: Synthetic wigs tend to look very shiny and un-natural when first bought. Luckily, the shine fades to a more natural look after a couple of days of wear. Also, they cannot be color treated nor do they tolerate heated appliances.

Human Hair Blends- Human hair blended wigs are the perfect answer all across the board. PROS: Human hair blended wigs are generally blended with a high-heat (Futura) fiber which means that it can handle heat up to 300 degrees! This will allow you to flat iron, curl, and blow-dry these wigs and they are much less pricey than 100% human hair wigs. CONS: None other than the fact that they cannot be color treated.