Using Wigs For Quick Weaves

Quick weaves are one of the fastest and most popular ways to do a weave install however what about wigs? Wigs can absolutely be used for quick weaves as well!! In just a few quick steps, your style can be prepared and installed.

1. Find a wig that you love. There are no limitations when it comes to finding your perfect wig. Whether it be short, long, human hair, synthetic, blonde, brunette, full or 3/4, whatever you love, it will work!

2. Braid a single track around the perimeter of your head. If you have more hair or prefer to braid your entire head, continue the track and spiral it around your head in a “bee hive” pattern. Tack down the end of the braid. Based on your personal preference, you can choose to wear a wig cap or not.

3. Using a needle and thread, sew down the perimeter of the wig to the tracks. For added security, you can sew down the entire wig, not just the edges.

If your perfect wig is a 3/4 wig, simply move the track back to be behind the hair you plan to leave out in the front.