The Beehive



When it comes to creating tracks for weaving or interlock, the beehive is not only the best fastest, but also the best for your edges.

If you are doing a full weave that requires all of your hair to be braided or you plan to wear an interlock hairstyle and you are concerned about hair breakage at your hairline, you might want to consider suggesting a beehive track to your stylist. Not only is it faster to do but it creates much less stress on their hairline than braids that start at the hairline. This track style will be best for most styles however it depends on the style you want and how you plant to wear your hair. Again, speak to your stylist and be sure to discuss HOW you plan to style your hair because certain styles (such as styles with a side or center part) may not be ideal for this type of track.

The beehive is one continuous braid that spirals around your entire head. This allows even the thickest hair to lay completely flat, even if your hair is long. Depending on your style, the edges can be left out to better blend with your weave. The beehive is also perfect even if you plan to wear a wig. Many clients are now opting to go with the beehive track, placing a regular or lace front wig on top, then having the stylist sew the wig down to the tracks, like a quick weave. 😉

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