Summer Waves



When it comes to summer styles, there is something to be said about a style that will look great while it is “setting” and once it has been taken down.

If you are not familiar with braiding your hair, the style pictured above is a great way to add natural beach waves to your hair. Not only will it look great afterwards but this is also a cute little style to wear while your waves are setting.

First, spray a light mist of holding spray or water on your hair and place your hair into a ponytail. It does not need to be extremely neat, just a simple ponytail. Using ponytail holders, simply add them down the ponytail approximately 2-4 inches apart. The closer the rubber bands, the smaller the waves whereas the further the rubber bands are apart, the deeper the waves.
Once your rubber bands are neatly spaced apart, hold the ends and push each rubberband upwards so that each section of hair in between the rubber bands buckles outward. This is how the waves will be created. The more you get the hair to buckle out, the deeper the wave will be.
Once the hair has dried thouroughly, gently remove each rubber band starting from the bottom up. After all of the rubber bands have been removed, shake your hair. V’WALA!!!

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