Summer Hair Color Trends

Now that summer is around the corner, you are ready to find your own summer look. What is in?

Well, highlights are the name of the game. Whether you like a natural sun-kissed look or going all out to get those bleached blonde shades, now is the time!

If you prefer wigs, try to get something with highlights that accent your sun-kissed skin tones. Start out with a similar base color that you generally wear and add the complimenting highlight (i.e. if you wear #4, then try some #27 or #30 highlights).

If you wear weaves, add a touch of highlighting color to the crown of your weave for a natural looking contrast. If you are new to the look, be sure to add your regular color right at the top to lay over the highlight color. This will give it a nice “blended” tone as the hair naturally mixes.

For braids or crochet, you can always mix and match the hair as you like or even add 2 highlight colors for more depth.

Now, fusion is the best way to add highlights and/or lowlights or party colored highlights without having to process your own hair. If you are not sure which color you will like, get a small pack of 20 strands to experiment.

Another popular color trend is color stacking. This is when the top crown portion of your hair is one color however the bottom nape area is a different color. You can be lighter or darker at the top depending on your own style. If you prefer your own natural color at the top, try using a much darker or much lighter color at the bottom using fusion extensions. This is absolutely the best way to experiment with color without the commitments, processing or damage.