Sexy Bedroom Costumes: The 20’s


When it comes to sexy bedroom costume, the 20’s is a perfect time period to bring out the heat and passion.

Costumes were once only used to dress up during Halloween or maybe for theme parties however we are seeing a huge increase in costume and wig sales this year. Could it be because of the “Fifty Fever”? We have no idea but it is clear that couples are now looking for new ways to add that spark back to their bedroom and there is no better way than to incorporate bedroom costumes, themes and characters.

Whether you plan to get an entire sexy costume or just want to pair a 20’s wig with some lingerie, this is a pretty simple yet sexy look to pull off. Simple additions such as a red lipstick and a feather boa will help bring this costume to life. How about elbow length satin gloves and a cigarette holder/wand? No matter how little or how much you add in, this is simply one of the easiest looks to get the job done!

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