New Silk Lace Bases


So, many of us have not even heard the term but others have heard it and want it. But what is it?

Silk lace is made of a high quality Chinese silk. The hairs are injected into the material so the end result is a 100% natural-looking, knot free unit.

Generally, most clients desire the most “invisible” hairline and opt for the finest lace material. For clients with darker hair, this made the lace wig look un-natural because when parted, the dark hair was visible from beneath the fine lace. The most popular solution was  to wear a stocking cap under the lace wig which would mimic the client’s natural scalp color. Good solution but if you ever wet your lace wig, it would be very difficult to have it completely dry without your hair becoming smelly underneath.

With a silk lace base at the crown, this allows your scalp to breathe much more efficiently than with a wig cap under your lace wig. Becuase of this benefit, this material is becoming very popular for lace wigs however it is also available for synthetic lace wigs, closures, frontals, toupee/top hairpieces and lace front wigs as well.