Making Your Own Wig


Whether you wear weaves or wigs, making your own wig is not as difficult as you might think. Using a fishnet wig cap, customizing your own wig is a dream come true.

Many times, weave wearers spend a bit more money to get a better quality of hair (i.e. Remy Human Hair) because it can be worn more than once. After the weave has been completed and the hair has been cut and styled, it becomes very difficult to remove the weave while trying to keep the tracks in order so the tracks can be put back in the same order to maintain the same hairstyle. Most times, the hair is used only once. Well, there is a solution: making your own wig!

Here are the things you will need:

– Fishnet Wig Cap
– Weaving Hair
– Glue or a Needle and Thread
– Wig Stand/Mannequin/Styrofoam Head

Place the fishnet cap on the wig stand or mannequin head to be sure the cap is stretched to the approximate size of your head. Using glue or a needle and thread, attach the weft to the cap just as you would apply a weave. Once completed, simply place the wig on your head and cut and style as usual.

You can also use the needle and thread to secure the wig to your tracks for longer wear. When time to remove the wig, there is no need to throw away the hair!