How To Wear A Wig

For those of you who are new to wigs, let us show you how you can wear a wig without it looking like you have on a wig.

Once you have picked out your perfect wig, before putting it on, be sure your hair is out of the way. If you have long hair, pin it up as close to your scalp as possible. For shorter hair, just comb it back.

Once you have pinned your hair back, ensuring it is flat, you will need to cover it using a wig cap. If you don’t have a wig cap, simply cut the foot off of an old pair of panyhose and use it to cover your hair. This will help to hold your hair down and keep your wig secure however if you wish to skip this step, that is fine.

Take your wig and align the front with the front of your forehead. Using both of your hands, stretch the cap open and place the wig on your head starting in the front and pull the back down. If you need to make any minor adjustments, just gently pull on the wig to make sure it is on properly.

Using a wig comb or wig brush, style the wig. If you need to move the wig slightly forward or backwards, gently pull on the cap to make the final adjustment.