How To Trim Your Wig

Many times, after your perfect wig arrives, you realize that it needs to be trimmed to suit your face. So what do you do?

Wigs generally come pre-styled so it is very common to feel that you need to restyle it to look perfect on you. This will help you to personalize your wig to accommodate your own face shape.

Before trimming your wig, put it on and brush the wig with a wig brush. If you only want to thin your wig, use thinning shears. This might help your wig lay flatter if you add more layers.

Start with the bangs. Always cut the hair a bit longer than you like so you can make the subtle adjustments instead of cutting too much off. Once the bangs are cut, move towards the back, if necessary.

Once you have finished your cut, remove the wig and place it on a wig stand. Examine the wig to ensure it is even. If not, make the adjustments by trimming any excess length.

If you are unfamiliar with cutting hair, you might consider taking your wig to a professional to ensure that it is properly cut.