How To Store Your Wig

Wigs are becoming more and more popluar in today’s society.┬áSome wear wigs for medical reasons however many wear wigs because of their versatility. So now that you have gotten your wig collection, how do your properly store your wig?

Once you remove your wig, place it on a wig stand. This will help keep the hair in place. Be sure to store your wig in an open and clean area, free from direct sunlight, heat, dust, pets and children.

If you plan to store it for an extended amount of time, the wig should be folded in half, ear to ear, parted in the center, and placed in it’s original plastic packaging. If your wig does not have a center part, you should place a piece of crumbled gift tissue at the crown of the wig to help keep it’s shape during storage.

If you plan to travel with your wig, be sure to store it in a container where it cannot be crushed as this might cause it to lose it’s shape or style.