How To Order A Wig

With all of the online wig stores on the net, many who are new to wigs are wondering how to go about ordering a wig. We’ve found help!

Step #1: Find out your size – using a measuring tape, measure the distance around your head. Hold the tape measure to the middle point on your forehead at the hairline. Follow your hairline over the top of your ear, around the base of your neck, over your other ear, until you end where you started. Note the measurement. Note: Most wigs are available in an “average” size and have a stretch cap that can be adjusted smaller or larger. Also, custom wigs will require additional measurements.

Step #2: Start Shopping!! – Compare the prices, styles and materials of different wigs. Consider synthetic hair wigs for their price and ease of use. Look at human hair wigs for their styling possibilities and texture. Expect to pay more for a top of the line human hair wig that you can curl and perm.

Step #3: Order Your Wig! – Once you find the perfect wig, place your order. If you have any additional questions before ordering, be sure to contact the company or see if they can place the order for you.