How To Curl A Synthetic Wig

For those who wear wigs, one frequently asked questions is ‘How do I curl or reset the curls on my synthetic wig?’. We’ve found answers!┬áSynthetic wigs are generally made with a plastic-like fiber that melts if it comes into contact with too much heat however it takes heat to set the curls.

If you have electric hot rollers (that are coated in velvet), these should work perfectly on your wig. The heat is not too hot to melt the hair yet enough to gently set a curl. Comb each section of hair and ensure the ends are neat before rolling the hair. Let the wig set until the rollers have completely cooled and remove the rollers.

If you do not have electric rollers, hot water will also work. Place you wig on a wig stand. Comb each section of hair and be sure the ends are neat before rolling the hair with snap-on rollers. Once all the hair has been rolled, take freshly boiled water and pour over each roller THOROUGHLY and generously. Once done, allow the wig to completely dry before removing the rollers. Please note that the hot water will tightly set the curl, unlike the electric rollers. Be sure to use larger sections for larger curls.