Extending The Life Of Your Synthetic Wig


After so many wears, synthetic wigs began to look “ratty” at the ends. Follow these steps to renew it in minutes!

Take a large pot, fill it with water and place it on a stove burner to boil. Meanwhile, using a wig brush, brush through the hair to ensure it is free of tangles and loose hair.

Once the water begins to boil, remove the pot from the hot burner. Test by dipping a small section of hair at the back of the wig to be sure it straightens the hair. If you like the results, fold the wig, ear to ear and hold it at the crown. Dip the hair into the hot water and slowly lift the wig while making sure the hair is neatly laying flat when removed from the water. If any hairs are not flat, re-dip the section until all hairs are laying flat.

Once the wig is completely removed from the hot water, using a thick towel, place the towel at the top of the wig, squeeze and slide the towel down to the tips of the hair. Be sure not to bundle, scrunch or fold the hair as this will cause the hair to not properly straighten. Allow the wig to completely cool and dry.

Your wig should now be silky straight. If not, your water was not hot enough, you folded the ends when drying or you did not thoroughly de-tangle the ends prior to dipping. If your wig had curls, you can roll the hair with snap-on rollers and re-dip to add the curls back. Once the wig begins to lose it’s luster again, simply reset it by dipping it again…