Custom Styling Your Wig


When it comes to wigs, many want to know if they can create a custom cut or style. Absolutely!

Most wigs come in the more popular cuts and styles however if you desire to have a more custom look, you can opt to have your wig custom styled. If your wig is not flattering to your specific face shape, again, having your wig styled is the perfect option.

Unless you are familiar with cutting hair, we suggest you have a professional stylist do the job. Be sure to bring an image of your desired style and make sure the wig is only cut while you are wearing it. This ensures that it is styled according to your face shape.

Have your stylist make the cut longer than your desired length and slowly reduce the additional length to prevent it from being cut too short. Be sure to frequently look in the mirror to ensure your stylist is cutting/styling your wig correctly.