Costume Wig Uses – Theme Parties

Theme parties are not only a great way to have a laugh with your closest friends but is also becoming a great way to increase morale in the work-place. The host or planner generally sets the “theme” of the party and rest is up to you. Here are a few popular themes:

Hawaiian Shirt Day – just about every company we have worked for has had some form of this theme day. So, what do you wear? Depending on your work environment, we would suggest a hawaiian shirt, bermuda shorts, thongs and a rasta wig.

Time Themes – one of the most popular themes is a time theme. This is when you have to dress up to look like you belong to a specific time. Whether it be colonial, the 20’s, the 40’s, the 50’s, the 60’s or the 70’s, there are plenty of costume and wig options to choose from.

Disco Themes – not only is this one of the most popular but is almost one of the easiest themes. Bell bottoms, platforms and an afro is all you need for this theme.

Movie Themes – are you a fan of a great movie? Whether it is new or old, you can always throw a theme party and have your party-goers dress up like their favorite character.

No matter what the theme, if you go all out and dress the part, the more fun and laughs everyone will have.