Color Blend Types

When it comes to wigs and all of the color combinations, how do you know what looks like what? Boy have we found some answers for you!

When it comes to buying a wig online, it might be difficult to figure out what blend types look best even if you are familiar with the specific colors. So here are a few definitions and descriptions.

MIXED (M)- a mix is literally a 50/50 mix of 2 colors to create it’s own solid looking color. You should not easily be able to see the 2 different colors, rather one solid color.

FROSTED (F,FS)- this generally means that 2-3 colors are blended together mainly at the crown, similar to if you were to go to a salon and get your hair frosted. The blend should be subtle and well blended even if it is a 50/50 frost, however you should still be able to see the 2 colors mixing.

PIANO (P)- a piano mix is a more bold highlighting than “frosted”. It will have much larger chunks of each color to create a bold contrast.

TIPS(T)- this wig will have a 50/50 mix at the roots however the ends will only be the highlighting color. So, if your wig was 16″ long, it would have 14″ of the dark color and 16″ of the highlight color. Again, since the roots are “blended”, it would look like a solid color with lighter ends. This color is more subtle than a two-toned color.

TWO-TONED (TT)- this wig will be one solid color at the roots and another solid color at the tips. The 2 colors are not mixed or merged together, just kept separate to look like someone who has colored their hair and now their roots have grown out completely.

Please note that each blend type will look slightly different from manufacturer to manufacturer. Also, each product will not look exactly the same as another product, even if from the same manufacturer, because one manufacturer may use several different factories for different products. An F4/30 might look one way for this wig but completely different for another wig down the street. Again, even if the same colors are used, some factories use higher amounts of highlighting colors whereas another might prefer to use lower amounts. Be sure to look at their Color Chart so you have a better idea of how it will look.