The Quick Weave

For all you weave wearers, we have a new faster way to get that weave done!! It’s called a quick weave.

What you will need:

1. wig cap
2. weaving hair
3. needle and thread or glue

Instead of having to braid several tracks on your scalp, simply secure your hair and place the wig cap on top. Some prefer to just place a single cornrow around the perimeter so they can sew the wig cap around the perimeter. Regardless of how you plan to secure your hair underneath, be sure you are able to also secure the wig cap to prevent it from coming off.

Using your thread or glue, attach the weft onto the wig cap until the cap is completely covered. You will find that it is a bit faster to use a glue gun with glue sticks because it sets faster and is less likely to penetrate through the cap and get on your hair, as a liquid glue would.

Cut and/or style as desired.