Make Your Own Clip-In Extensions

Looking for a less expensive way to create your own clip-in extensions? Well, here is what you will need,…comb pins.

Comb pins generally come in a small and large size and are available in several different shades to match your hair color as well as silver toned. They have a slight crescent-like bend to them. When bended one way, the comb opens and the small teeth are exposed however when they are bent back, the teeth close and the hair is secured into the comb. Comb pins are also commonly added to wigs to keep the front from slipping backwards.

Here’s what you will need to create your own clip-in extensions:

1. machine wefted hair/weaving extensions – do not use a hand-tied weft as it will unravel once the track has been cut.
2. comb pins – try to get them the same color as your hair, if possible
3. needle
4. thread – try to get the thread the same color as your hair, if possible.

Measure and cut the length of track that you will need to create your first extension. Using your needle and thread, secure the sides of the comb pin to each edge of the track. For shorter pieces, one comb pin will be sufficient however for longer tracks, you should add a comb pin about every 2″ or 3″ to be sure that once the extension is applied, it is secure and does not sag.

If you plan to wear several pieces of clip-ins, a 4 oz. bundle of weaving hair will yield a few longer pieces (8″-12″ wide), medium pieces (4″-6″ wide) as well as a few short pieces (1″-2″ wide). If you only prefer added length at the nape or only 1 or 2 pieces, you can create several extra pieces to last over a longer period of time. For highlights/lowlights only, you might end up making a bundle of 1″-3″ pieces to wear all over.

Clip-in extensions are perfect to add length, volume and/or color to your hair in a quick “snap” of your fingers. They are very secure however they can also be removed just as quickly as they were applied. Clip-in extensions are definitely a “must have” for every hair care collection. Keep a variety of lengths and colors handy so you can mix-n-match colors and lengths to create a new “custom” look everyday.