Lace Frontals


Have you heard the term “lace frontal” and found yourself puzzled and scratching your head? Let us help you out.

A lace frontal is a strip of lace, generally 12″ or 13″ wide that is worn from ear to ear, covering your natural hairline. The hair strands are 100% hand-tied onto the lace, just as a lace wig, so the hairline looks very natural. Frontals are perfect for thinning hairlines or crowns, receding hairlines or as a more natural option to blend weaves, as opposed to using the smaller closures.

Lace frontals are generally about 2″ wide from front to back however you can customize your frontal to go back as far as 8″ if you desire more coverage. Just as with a lace wig, you have the option of customizing your hair length, color, texture, density, lace material and lace color.

Lace frontals are applied using an adhesive just at the hairline. The back portion, depending on your preference can either be sewn down to tracks or you can add comb pins to secure them down to your own hair.