Human Hair And Synthetic Blends For Weaving

Human hair and synthetic blended wigs have taken the market by storm but what about weaving hair?

Human hair for weaving has always been a popular option. When the high heat futura hair for weaving was introduced, it was an instant hit as well because it was made to mimic human hair without all of the matting. You could flat iron it, hot curl it, blow dry it,….at a fraction of the cost of human hair!!

When the blended wigs were introduced, they were (and still are)¬†the hottest new item on the market. Now, you could finally buy a wig that you could heat style without having to pay hundreds of dollars for it. So, now the newest addition to the “blends” market is weaving hair.

The new “blended” weaving¬†hair is sold in 10″ and 12″ in silky straight as well as yaki textures. Since they are new and “introductory”, they are only available in limited lengths and colors. We hope this product stays because based on our reviews of the product, it is an absolute winner and if it stays, we would like to see it offered in various lengths and colors.

We rate this product a THUMBS UP!! What do YOU rate it?