How To Remove A Weave


Many times, if your weave is improperly removed, you risk losing a large amount of hair. Here are a few tips to prevent hairloss or damage while removing your weave.

1. Help – Be sure you have someone to help you. Many times, hairloss is caused by accidentally cutting through your tracks.

2. Completely expose the tracks – tie your hair up so the track you will begin on is completely exposed.

3. Carefully cut through the thread – if you have a hard time seeing the thread, use plenty of light and be sure it is thread before cutting.

4. Separate the weft from the track – you might have to cut the thread is several places to remove the weft, depending on how the weave was attached.

5. Spray a braid spray on the hair before taking out the tracks – this will help moisturize the hair and minimize breakage.

If you tend to have a hard time deciphering the thread from the hair, try using a thread that is slightly lighter or darker than your hair color. This makes it much easier to tell the difference and prevent cutting your own hair.