How To Do An Interlock Weave

Interlock is a quick way of adding hair to your tracks without sewing down a weft, like a weave, but how is it done using loose hair??

When doing an interlock weave, you will braid down tracks going from front to back. To achieve the above style, be sure to leave a small rectangular section of your own hair out at the part. Once the tracks have been completed, interlock the afro braid hair onto the tracks. Please note that since this hair is very bulky, only a small amount needs to be used on each section.

After the hair has been added, you will need to set the hair to add a more syncronized pattern. You can either do a two-strand twist or you can take a small amount of hair and twist it until it becomes a small knot. Neatly wrap the ends around the knot and leave it in to set the curl. Be sure to include your own hair that was left out to ensure the entire head has the same pattern. After the hair as set, remove the twists or plaits and style with your fingers.

For added style, use a lighter color or a color blend. Once you add your own hair at the part, it will look like the image above, like your roots are darker with lighter tips.