Full Weave or Partial Weave?

There are so many weave techniques out there but which one is the best for your hair?

Well, it looks like a partial weave is the winner on this one. Full weaves tend to cause much more hairloss (especially at the hairline) as well as breakage when they are done incorrectly. In addition, they tend to look very bulky and unnatural in the front unless they are done by a professional.

The best way to grow your hair AND have a natural looking weave is to do a partial weave. Instead of braiding all your hair, your stylist will braid random tracks in your hair and sew the weft to those tracks and leave the rest of your hair out to blend. The only “con” to this weave method is you will have to use hair that matches your texture almost perfectly. Unfortunately, if you usually wear “silky straight” and your hair is very coarse, there might be some “blending” issues. In this case, you might need to find a more coarse texture (i.e. “yaki perm” which looks like blow-dried African American hair) and flatiron both yours and the weaving hair. The end result will look more natural than the “silky straight”.