The New Lace Front Wig


100% hand-tied lace front and full lace wigs are not always an affordable option for most, especially in this economy. So how can you get the same look at a fraction of the cost?

Many manufacturers are trying to respond to the current market conditions while offering great, yet cheaper, products to their clients. Lace front wigs that are machine-made in the back and top but 100% hand-tied at the front are already a huge success however in an attempt to still offer a great product, many have moved to using the high-heat Futura synthetic fiber.

Futura high-heat synthetic fiber is one of the best competitors of 100% human hair products because it tolerates temperature of up to 300 degrees however it is just a fraction of the cost of human hair. For those lace wig wearers who are no longer able to afford the higher pricedĀ full lace wigs, this would be a great alternative.