Styling Your Lace Wig


Now that you have purchased your lace wig, how do you style it?

Most lace wigs are sold in a “finished” length. This means that if you purchase a 16″ unit, 16″ will be used throughout the unit, resulting in natural layers. Once you put on your unit, odds are, you are going to have to have it styled.

Whether you only want something simple like bangs or desire a more complicated cut, we always suggest you have it professionally styled while the unit is on your head. This will ensure that your stylist customizes the cut to your face shape.

After the cut has been made, be sure your stylist shows you how to properly style the hair to maximize the style of the cut. If any adjustments need to be made, your stylist can do so before you leave your appointment.

Just note: the more complicated the cut, the more time consuming it may be to style the hair. Keep it as simple as possible or check with your stylist about styling time BEFORE you select a cut, if style time is a concern of yours.