Lace Wigs With Thinner Densities


Many times we think “more is better” however when it comes to lace wigs, the last thing you want is a wig that is too thick for your preference. If you have a naturally thin or normal hair volume, you might find that you will have to get a custom unit made that will allow you to customize your density and go with a lower density lace wig.

Most custom and stock lace wigs come with 85-100% density (depending on where you purchase it). Despite the fact that this density tends to be appropriate for many people, there are quite a few shoppers who would like something more natural-looking for them. So what are your options:

#1: find a store that offers 100% customizable units that will allow you to choose a lower density

#2: find a store that offers Chinese Remy human hair as it tends to not get as “fluffy” as Indian Remy human hair

#3: try to stick with straighter textures instead of wavy or curly. The added texture will only add additional volume to the  hair.

#4: whatever you do, DO NOT attempt to remove the hair or knots from your unit as you risk ripping the lace and causing irreparable damage.