Lace Wigs With Silk


Lace wigs are, by far, the most popular type of wig available. Once silk became available, it was yet another reason to continue the craze but many still want to know what it is and how it is used.

When “Silk” was added to lace wigs, it resolved many of the concerns of lace wig wearers when it came to better concealing their natural hair color from under the ultra fine lace on the unit’s base. No matter how dark their own natural hair, it could not be seen through the silk. In addition, there was no need to bleach the knots beyond the hairline because the hairs were actually injected “through” the silk, not tied. The result was a much more natural looking unit.

The process actually involves 2 steps, instead of the normal 1 step process. The silk is only applied to the crown (approx 5″x5″). The hairs are not only 100% hand-tied but also injected through this piece of silk material. The end result looks identical to natural hair growing from your scalp that is 100% breathable, unlike thin skin.