Lace Wigs – Hair Density

Okay, now we are getting to the meat and potatoes of building a lace wig. Density is one of the most important options you will have when you are building your wig and this is what determines if your hair look like a wet cat or a  lion’s mane.

Density is generally entered as a percentage however it can also be entered as “light”, “medium”, “thick” and everything in between.

50% density is generally for toupees and top pieces because women generally do not get hairpieces this thin unless they already have very thin hair. This density is pretty common for thinner hair in men over 40 years old.

80% density is very popular for “average” hair volumes. It is not too thick but not too thin either. If you were to part the hair on the unit, you would be able to see a normal amount of “scalp” from the part. This density is also very popular for curly hair styles so the hair is not too thick.

100% density is great for thicker hair volumes. This is the volume you would typically see on a hair model (on a shampoo commercial). If you were to part the unit, you would only see a minimal amount of scalp from the part.

Anything higher than 100% is not as common but is it available. Densities of 120% and more are very popular for Vegas showgirls and female impersonators because they are pretty much too thick for everyday wear.