Lace Wigs – Bleached Knots

When the strands are tied onto the lace, knots are tied at the base of the hair to secure them to the lace. When a unit is left with unbleached knots, the knots are more visible than if the knots are bleached. Despite the fact that many people might not know the benefit of bleached knots, everybody wants them.

It is typical to have bleached knots right at the hairline which is about the first inch or so from the hairline back. For more experienced lace wig wearers, they may opt to get bleached knots on the entire crown so they can wear a part anywhere without seeing the knots. This is especially important for wigs with densities less than “very thick”.

Some prefer bleached knots on the entire wig however this is generally not recommended. Once the knots have been bleached, just as with our own hair, the bleach causes the hair to become more susceptible to breakage resulting in the thinning of your unit.