Lace Wig Base Designs


This seems to be one of the biggest challenges a person goes through when trying to customize a lace wig, especially a first time buyer.

There are several lace types to choose from when you design your own cap however there are a couple of things to take into consideration: are you going to wear your hair in a high ponytail, will you have bangs, will you wear a part, etc. Well, lets just dive right in to this one and give you a bit more clarity.

Front/Hairline: the best option for this lace is the finest lace available. This will allow you to pull your hair back without your secret hitting the streets. Some prefer thin skin. It is not as invisible however it is far more durable.

Top/Crown: this lace is not really visible unless you plan to wear a part. Most would choose a more dense lace as there is no need for this portion of your cap to be “thin” and “invisible” as it will tend to show your own hair color through the lace. Unfortunately, if you have dark hair, having a “black” scalp will not look natural and you will have to wear a wig cap.

Back: despite all of the material options available for the back, stretch will always be the most popular due to comfort. As your hair grows, you want your cap to be able to accommodate the extra room.

Nape: this the most important section to consider if you would like to wear your hair in a high ponytail. For that, we always recommend the finest lace available, just like in the front. If you never wish to wear your hair up, you might consider a more dense lace or the stretch.