Women With Thinning Hair

We are all familiar with men who suffer from thinning hair however there are just as many women who suffer from hairloss as men. In fact, it is very common for women as young as their late teens to begin experiencing thinning hair.

The most important way to counteract thinning hair is to uncover the cause or causes. This could vary from low iron levels, insufficient proteins in your diet, hormonal effects or thyroid anomalies, to name a few. Once the cause has properly been identified, you can begin treatmeant to regrow your hair.

Many times, clients are unable to get satisfactory results from their treatments or desire to temporarily conceal their hairloss until their hair has grown back. If surgery is not an option, toupee top pieces or hairpieces are.

If your hairloss is limited to a small section at the crown, a top piece or closure might be enough. They generally have small 2″x3″ bases that can be attached with comb-pins and are available in many colors, styles and lengths. These pieces generally cannot be worn right at the hairline and cannot be parted anywhere.

If your hairloss has affected a larger section at the crown, you might consider a toupee top piece. These top pieces have a much larger base (starting at 5″x7″) and can be attached to the hairline for a more natural look. These pieces are 100% hand-tied so they can be parted anywhere or pulled back and still look completely natural.

These toupee top pieces are also perfect once your hair begins to grow back because the bases are 100% customizable and can be used as “integration” units. An integration unit has a base that looks similar to a fishnet. The hair is hand-tied to the net and the clients hair is gently pulled through the gaps of the unit to blend with the hair on the unit. Integration units are perfect for clients with hair that is thinning but still have enough hair at the crown to style and desire to add more volume.

Despite the devastation women experience with hairloss, it puts many sufferers at ease just knowing there is a reasonable solution right at their fingertips.