Top Pieces Before & After



Men are not the only ones who can suffer from “male pattern baldness”, so if you happen to be suffering from thinning at your crown, there is a solution.

When hair begins to thin, this often can change one’s self-image leading to low self-esteem, unwillingness to be around people or leave the home and often times, depression. Whether you are thinning because of age, medications, health reasons or because of a skin condition, you now have a simple and natural-looking solution that will not break your bank or require costly surgery. Top pieces or toupees are now easier to come by and a great option for concealing hair-loss at the crown. Whether you prefer an integration base, lace base, thin skin base, poly base or a silk base, you will be able to cover your thinning spot(s) with a natural looking option in minutes. These pieces are made with the best quality human hair and can be customized to naturally blend with your own natural hair color, texture and length. Now looking great and feeling great are only a few clicks away.

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