Silk Toupees

For those of you who wear toupees, we are sure you have heard of the term but what are silk toupees?

Silk toupees are standard toupees that have a small piece of silk just at the crown of the unit.

The hair strands are injected into pure Chinese silk, which is placed just at the crown of a lace wig. Since the hairs are injected and not knotted or tied, the result is a more natural, knot-free unit.

Silk toupees are perfect for those who prefer wearing a part in their unit. With the finer laces, it was virtually impossible to part your hair without seeing your hair underneath.

Thin skin was thought to be a great alternative because no knots were visible however it was very difficult to blend at the hairline and most importantly, thin skin is NOT breathable. Silk lace is proving to be the best of both worlds with a minimal additional charge.