Pageant Hairpieces


When it comes to pageant time, many parents are looking for a way to add more length, volume and style to their dimpled darlings. Hairpieces are the way to go!

During most pageants, the girls are expected to change clothing for each judging section. When changing clothing, why not change hair too? This helps to add more versatility to your little queen and helps keep the judges on the edges of their seats!

Drawstring hairpieces with wonderful “Shirley Temple” curls are always a popular choice. Once applied, the curls can be tacked up to create a spiraled, volumputous bun or they can be left down to bounce and spring about.

The great thing about drawstring hairpieces is that they can be opened up and attached with comb pins to fit more like a half-wig. This can add more length and volume to hairstyles when an up-do isn’t an option. These pieces can essentually be removed from the package, attached and done (unless you wish to attach the comb pins).

Clip-in extensions are another great option however this technique might require a bit more styling. Once attached, these extensions can be hot curled and styled with the hair or they can be curled prior to attachment. These are perfect for adding length, color and limited volume.

Synthetic hairpieces are so cost effective that you might be able to keep a few on hand to change her look quickly however human hair pieces do allow more styling options. It will all boil down to your personal preference, the amount of money you wish to spend and the amount of time you will have to change her look. Happy Pageanting!!!

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