How To Create Summer Buns

Buns are a great way to style your hair during the hot summer months. We have found some quick tips to help you get your “summer buns” off to a perfect start!

If you have naturally long hair, a summer bun might be fairly easy to do but for those with shorter or thinner hair who would like to beef up their bun size, hairpieces and extensions are the way to go.

1. Hairpieces– find a hairpiece in your color (or slightly lighter). For a bulkier bun, something with curls or waves might work best. Place your own hair in a bun (or a loose bun for a “messy bun”). Add the hairpiece to your bun and ensure it is properly attached. Using a rubber band or hair-clip, pin up the bun.

2. Extensions– If you have short or thin hair, clip-in extensions are a perfect solution. Get your extensions lighter, darker or in bright colors and clip them in. Put your hair in a ponytail (or a loose ponytail for a “messy bun”). Using a rubber band or hair-clip, pin up your bun.

To achieve the style pictured above, simply wrap the ends of the hair around the ponytail holder and secure the ends. For a smaller bun, wrap the hair tighter and for a bigger bun, wrap the hair loosely.