How To Attach Clip-in Extensions

Everyone knows that clip-in extensions are one of the fastest and most popular extension application methods so for those who don’t know how to attach them, we are here to help!

When searching for the perfect clip-in extensions, there are a few things to consider which will directly effect how long they will last and how great they will look:

1. Hair Type – 100% Premium Remy Human Hair is the highest quality of hair you can get, besides “virgin”. It lasts about five times longer than regular human hair however the price is much higher as well. 100% Human Hair will work great if you don’t plan to wear them often and don’t want to spend the extra money. Futura High HeatSynthetic is a great option if you are on a budget but don’t want to deal with matting that is commonly associated with human hair. You can still blow dry and hot curl the extensions as well!

2. Hair Length – Most clip-in extensions are available in 18″ however they can also be found in 14″ as well as 16″. This is perfect if you want to use different lengths to create your own layers or if you prefer to go with lengths shorter than 18″.

3. Color – Don’t be afraid to use colors. So what if it doesn’t match your hair exactly! Use a shade lighter and a shade darker to create hi and low lights. Clip-in extensions are also available in frosted and blended shades to help better match your hair color.

Now, that you have selected the perfect clip-in extensions, it’s time to attach them. Part your hair from ear to ear, just above your ears. Using the longest weft, center the weft and begin attaching and closing each comb-pin. Continue to add the smaller pieces around the crown area to help blend your hair with the first track. If your hair has blunt-cut ends, you might consider layering the ends to help them to blend better with the extensions.