How To Add Color To A Hairpiece

There are so many alternatives to coloring your own hair however what about top pieces?

Top pieces can not only be used to cover or add volume to thinning hair however they can also be used to add color to your hairstyle. You can create bangs with a bangs hairpiece or you can create draping bangs with a standard toppiece however either can be used to add color to your own hair.

If you don’t have bangs but would like to try them, a bangs top piece would be perfect. Part your hair in the center and attach the hairpiece using the combpins. For draping bangs, you can place the hairpiece directly in the center or off to the side.

If you plan to add color, you will need to consider the color tone before making your purchase. If you have dark hair and just want to add subtle highlights, you can purchase a frosted color or a solid lighter shade. If you prefer brighter colors, be sure to purchase the lightest shade so the color is more bright and “true”. A #613 works wonders when it comes to reds, blues, hot pinks, etc because the darker shades will tone down the brightness of the color.

Using a temporary color, apply it to the hairpiece. You can color the entire piece or just add random tones. If you have darker hair, you might consider adding some of your own natural shade too for blending.

To achieve the style above, you will need to start off with a #613 and add hot pink and black. The pink will be generously applied with the ends left to be blonde. The black is only used right at the top, gently frosted in, being extra careful to not allow the black to bleed onto the hot pink. Once the piece is completed, you will need to gently layer the very ends with a layering comb. This will help the ends to better blend with your own hair instead of the ends appearing too blunt. Once the piece has been applied, your black hair (with no bangs) will now have amazing hot pink and blonde tones with beautiful bangs,…all without having to cut or process your own hair!