Hair Replacement Options

Hairloss happens everyday however for some, it occurs at rates faster than they would like. Luckily, there are several options to replace, restore and slow down the process.

Minoxidil was the first FDA-approved drug for hair treatment. It’s the active ingredient in Rogaine. Minoxidil has a 33 percent chance of re-growing hair in men, mostly around the vertex and mid-scalp areas. No one knows how it works, and it doesn’t treat frontal hair loss,which is where most women and men lose their hair.

Hair restoration, also known as hair plugs, is a surgical procedure in which groups of hair follicles on one part of the head are moved into the bald area. These groups of follicles are called plugs. Surgeons are able to move hundreds of these plugs within one or two surgeries. Because the plugs come from pre-existing hair, the hairs are more likely to grow.

For those who don’t prefer surgery or prescription drugs, hairpieces have also been used and are the most popular option. Today’s modern pieces look more natural than toupees from the past. Women and men affix hairpieces to their natural hair or have them blended in with the scalp line. They also maintain them like real hair, washing with special shampoos and conditioners.