Concealing Bald Spots


Whether you are suffering from a skin condition or a chemical reaction that resulted in minimal hairloss or balding, there is a solution.

Closures are commonly associated with weaves however when small sections of hairloss is the concern, closures can be used to cover these spots. Closures are small hairpieces with bases about 2″x3″. The hair is tied onto the base so when attached to your hair, looks like your own natural hair.

Alopecia sufferers who have smaller regions of hairloss find closures to be an excellent option. For larger sections, a small, 3″x4″ top piece¬†might be a better solution however for entire crown coverage, a larger top piece or toupee¬†may be needed.

Either way, no matter how large the area of hairloss, there is always a solution to get your looking your best again without having to worry about the exorbitant costs commonly associated with surgery and/or implants.