Bridal Hairstyles

With wedding dates quickly approaching, you still have no idea how to style your hair for your special day. Well, we are here to help,…

Most women view their wedding dates as one of the most important dates in their lives and they want the day to be absolutely perfect. After much research, we have found that updos and spirals seem to be the most popular bridal styles.

For brides who do not have lovely long locks, hairpiece ponytails are the cheapest, fastest AND simply best way to achieve your bridal updo style. When selecting your hairpiece, determine if you want a straight, wavy, curly or the more popular spiral curled hairpiece. For color, be sure to consider if you will be using hairspray or gel to lay your hair down as this will make the color appear darker.

Place your hair in a bun and secure the hairpiece to your bun. Using small sections, take each curl and tack up the ends using a bobby-pin. You can tack up every curl or leave some curls loose to hang elegantly. Once you are done, you can decorate the bun by applying crystals or crystal tipped bobby-pins.