Bleached Knots

We all know the benefits of bleached knots but should you really bleach the knots on the entire unit?

Well, despite the fact that it creates a more natural look no matter where the unit is parted, it can cause the hair on the unit to break and shed uncontrollably.

When the knots are bleached, they are literally processed with a bleach. If the unit’s hair is not “virgin”, then odds are, it has already been processed with color and/or texture,… add another processing step using one of the most harshest chemicals for hair. Naturally growing hair would have a difficult time remaining healthy under such conditions however when it comes to the hair on your unit, it is unable to maintain it’s natural moisture the scalp naturally protects it with. This already causes the hair to be more susceptible to drying and damage. If you bleach ALL of the knots, you will most definitely end up with a very thin unit after a short period of time.

So, yes it looks great today, but how will it look months down the line?