Virgin Indian Remy Human Hair

indian remy

Every time we look for hair on the web, the first thing we see is “Indian Remy” human hair, right? So what is the difference and why the heck is this hair so popular?!

In the past, most (if not all) of the hair on the market was “Chinese” hair. The diameter of Chinese hair is much thicker and the hair is very straight and generally unable to hold curls when using a hot curler. When Indian Remy hair was introduced, it spread like a wild fire! Finally there was hair that was not so silky straight and had the ability to “wave” when it was wet, NATURALLY! The strand diameters were a bit thinner making it easier to blend with more hair types as well.

“Virgin” simply means the hair has not been processed with color or texture. Since some Indian hair is naturally wavy, you can actually purchase virgin hair that is already wavy, unlike with Chinese hair. This has made Virgin Indian Remy hair very popular with African-American women because it can be worn naturally wavy or flat ironed straight, adding more versatility than other hair, without all of the processing and damage.

PLEASE NOTE: when shopping for “virgin” Indian Remy,┬áit is NOT available in light brown or blonde shades. No matter how many times we mention this, we still tend to get a handful of readers asking if Virgin Indian Remy hair is available in #27……no, it’s not.