Using the Hot Fusion Tool

fusion tool

Fusion has quickly become one of the most popular extension techniques, but how do you remove fusion extensions without all of the pulling and breakage?

The hot fusion tool is not only used for applying pre-tipped fusion extensions, it is also the best tool to use to remove them. It is conveniently plugged right into the wall and the tip quickly heats up to melt down keratin  glue, the adhesive which is generally used in most fusion applications.

fusion tool2

There are two (2) grooves in the fusion tool, one smaller than the other, which allow you to place the pre-tipped extension and the small amount of hair into. This allows the glue on the tip of the extension to melt onto your hair. Roll the glued tip between two (2) fingers to further secure the glue as it dries onto your hair. If the small groove is too small, simply use the larger groove. If neither groove works for your application method (U-Tips, V-Tips, etc.), simply use the tip to melt down the glue.

To remove the fusion extensions, simply place the tip of the fusion tool between your scalp and the fusion tip and close the fusion tool. (NOTE: only use this removal method if hair fusion extensions have grown out enough to safely fit the fusion tool tip between your scalp and the fusion tip to prevent scalp burns!!) Gently pull the fusion tool away from your scalp and the fusion tip will slide right off.

Using the hot fusion tool will not only minimize breakage but it will also save you hours of waiting for removers to dissolve the glue….or dissolve the glue just enough to fuse with all of the other tips together. YIKES!!