Swimming With Extensions

When it comes to summer hair care, if you have extensions, you might find a change in your daily routine.Even if you are wearing 100% human hair extensions (fusion, weaves, clip-ins, etc.), there are some things that you should do to help prevent your locks from getting “upset”.

If you love to swim, you should consider putting a leave-in conditioner on before your swim. This will help to protect your hair from damage from the chlorine and the sun. This is especially important if you are wearing lighter shades of extensions.

After your swim, it is also very important to add moisture back to the hair by deep conditioning the extensions. You can use a regular “moisturizing” conditioner with a heat cap followed by a silkening treatment. This will help prevent the hair from tangling.

Please note that if you are wearing 100% Human Hair extensions thatĀ are not “Remy”, you should avoid wetting the hair too much, whether it be from washing, swimming, etc. This hair has a silky coating on it however once it has been washed off, the hair will become dry and brittle and begin to mat.

High Heat Synthetic or “blended” extensions seem to work well when washed frequently because they are synthetic and do not matt like 100% human hair can. In addition, since they are heat-safe, they can be restored by beingĀ flat-ironed or blow-dried if they ever become too “ratty”.