Preventing Hairloss With Fusion Extensions

Hair loss is commonly associated with hot fusion techniques however there is indeed a way to help minimize the problem,…using larger sections.

Most fusion clients opt to go with fusion extensions to not only add length to their hair but also volume. Some stylists get so involved with pleasing the client and trying to help them obtain the look they want that they may fail to think long-term…….about hair loss.

For clients who have very thin hair and want to add more volume, fusion extensions might not be the best solution. In order to obtain the additional volume, smaller hair sections are used to attach larger extension sections.  During styling, the added weight and the pulling can lead to hair loss. After normal shedding occurs , this leaves even fewer strands to anchor the extension, ultimately leading to lost strands.

The problem is obviously that the sections of hair are too small. In order to prevent (or minimize) hair loss, larger sections of hair should be used. As you get to the crown, smaller sections can be used to prevent the bonds from being exposed or noticed. Also, if your hair is short, smaller sections will need to be used to help blend the extensions to your hair. If you have short AND thin hair, you might want to wait until your hair grows out before attempting fusion extensions.