How To Order Custom Fusion Extensions

Fusion extensions are one of the most popular and fastest growing extension application methods around but how do you go about ordering custom fusion extensions? Here is everything you must know,…

Despite the fact that fusion extensions are very popular, they are still only available in very limited lengths. In addition, if you have curly or ethnic hair, you are pretty much stuck with silky straight extensions,…well, that is until now.

1. Hair Length – The first thing you want to do is determine the length of your extensions as this will determine the pricing. Measuring from the nape of your hair, get a measurement of the lowest point on your back that you want the extensions to fall. If you prefer to not have a layered look, you might consider ordering your extensions 2-4 inches longer and just trim the extra length off after installation.

2. Hair Type – hair type refers to the type of hair used (i.e. Chinese, Indian, Malaysian, Remy, Non-Remy, Virgin etc.). Most custom extensions are made with 100% Remy Human Hair. Chinese Remy tends to have very thick strand diameters, is very straight and tends to not hold curls well however Indian Remy has thinner strand diameters and generally has a naturally wave pattern. If you prefer unprocessed hair, virgin extensions would be your best option.

3. Hair Color – Custom fusion can be created in natural darker shades,  lighter shades, mixed, tipped, two-toned or any custom color blends, since they are 100% customizable.

4. Hair Texture – The hair texture you select will determine how much maintenance your extensions will require. The curlier the texture, the more maintenance and product you will require. If you prefer a gentle body wave and want to straighten it, you might reconsider if you live in high humidity areas as this will cause the hair to frizz.

5. Tips or Loops – I-Tips are the most popular fusion tip however there are other types to choose from, such as U-Tips, V-Tips, Rinex Loop Fusion as well as Tubex Loop Fusion. Those who wear fusion extensions generally love the loop fusion because they allow for much quicker installs. Please be sure to check with your stylist who will be installing to be sure that they are familiar with the application method for the tip or loop extensions you want to buy. This will ensure that your stylist is thoroughly trained so the extensions are properly installed.