How To Glue In Bulk Hair

There is so much hype with the fusion pre-tipped extensions but what if you have bulk hair and would like to attach them using a fusion application?

You will first need a few supplies: fusion glue sticks, fusion glue pot or glue gun and a fusion shield. Gather a small amount of your hair as well as a small amount of the bulk extensions. If using the glue pot, dip the tip of the extension into the melted glue and apply it close to your scalp. Be sure to use the fusion shield to protect your scalp from burns!! Roll the glued section between your fingers as the glue dries.

If you are using a glue gun, place the extension tip near your scalp, just below the fusion shield. Apply a small amount of glue to the area and wait for the glue to slightly cool before rolling between your fingers.

Be sure to get the correct glue remover for your glue sticks because not all removers work with all glues.