Great Extensions At Great Prices

With several consumers on the search for great products at great prices, we keep getting the question, “Where do I find great extensions at cheaper prices?”. Well, we did our research,…

The best place to find cheaper priced wigs is to look for sites that offer clearance or closeout extensions. They are generally extensions that are in perfect and brand new condition however they are either over stocked or the manufacturer will no longer be offering the item and want to get rid of their stock at great prices.

These extensions are generally only available in limited colors so if you like to explore wearing different colors, styles and lengths, the clearance section will be perfect for you. If you only like specific colors, be sure to shop quickly because once specific colors are gone, they are gone.

Save even more by planning ahead! If you wear darker shades in the winter and lighter shades in the summer, buy early! If they have great hair in a darker shade and it is now spring,  buy it now and save it for the winter, blend it with a lighter shade or use it as low-lights. It will be cheaper to shop this way than to pay full price for another product later.