Fusion For Guys??


When it comes to extensions, we tend to focus our attention on the needs of women however what about men? There are quite a few men who wear or are looking for more information about extensions. Well, you have found it!

Guys with shorter hair will have a much more difficult time trying to cover up weaving wefts which is why fusionextensions still is one of the best extension techniques for men. Fusion extensions have all of the flexibility needed to achieve whatever look you are going for without the worry of trying to conceal wefts or tracks.

Fusion extensions are a wonderful way to add more length, highlights, low-lights, and/or bright colors to your own hair using a strand-by-strand application technique.

Shorter hair lengths of fusion extensions are available which would be perfect for men, or even women who desire shorter styles. The shortest is about 12″-14″ however if you prefer something shorter, you might consider custom-made fusion extensions.

Tip #1: be sure your own hair is cut into layers before applying the fusion extensions. If you hair has bluntly cut ends, it will be much harder to blend with the extensions.

Tip #2: if your hair is darker and you prefer lighter extensions, get 2 or 3 colors and have your stylist blend them for “summer kissed” highlights.